Of late, there has been so many policing of cultural appropriation misconducts on the social media.

But in a nutshell, the process of cultural appropriation is just a simple case of an equation. Of putting one and one together. Sometimes the result is one million and sometimes a zero. And one is either a very brave confident individual or a clueless bumbling fool to attempt this process because the result could backfire OR become the rage in town.

Some forms of cultural appropriation created a buzz when first revealed but eventually died down simply because it was a novelty but once that wore off what is left wasn’t such a good idea after all and then there were some that were grotesquely wrong and should never have seen the light of day!

HOWEVER one community decided to attempt this process centuries ago and not only succeeded spectacularly, today it has evolved and matured into an entire culture of grandeur. Not only do they appropriate fr one culture but shamelessly poached fr various cultures and went on to improve upon their predecessor and supersede the original intentions!

But aren’t you glad they did coz today we are rewarded with such a rich and glorious culture that wasn’t afraid of criticism, but I think even brave as they were then, they didn’t have the social media to contend with!

Which is why I am so in love with this culture. With enormous chutzpah they culturally appropriated and made it their very own! Sadly it is a dying culture (tho they had survived more than 3 centuries..)that I will try with all that I have to perpetuate with my work. And yes, I too am guilty as charged. Here is a kerongsang set traditionally with Intans but untraditionally dangled a baroque pearl in the centre. It is also not worn as brooch with the baju panjang but worn with a velvet ribbon tied as a pendant choker.

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