A Most Memorable Piece…

S came rushing in one day after seeing my post of a picture of an incomplete Pheonix for another customer and would like one done with a piece of Jadeite from S’s collection.

I’ve known S for many years but I cannot remember if we were friends first or customer/jeweller first.

Sometimes you would have a customer walk in and they leave a little sunshine when they depart from your place. S is such a person. S is also one of the kindest person I’ve known and goes about blessing the community,and especially has a soft spot for the down and out and the under priviledged and the aged.

Which is why I do have a soft spot for S who trusts me enough to make many interesting pieces in the past. This Phoenix pendant with Jade Disk and Emerald Tail and a Blue Topaz drop is one of the more memorable pieces I’ve made for S.

And I told S to not bring it back until I get a good picture from the piece.I hope you guys like the picture!

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