Properly Cultured!

Celebrating the Bidayuh way and boy do they know how to throw a party…a 2 day celebration called Rami Gawia Semeba…lots of different traditional food( I didnt know cucumber leaves and pumpkin leaves can taste so good!) wash down with rice wine and my new discovery – rosella wine made fr the flower and tasted just like red wine, lots of traditional dances, lots of traditional and modern bidayuh songs sung by celebrity singers like the first Bidayuh Miss Malaysia Dewi Liana and other popular bidayuh singers, lots of cute kids all decked in their traditional attires, a variety of beautiful costumes and ethnic crafts and not forgetting the Ring Ladies and finally culminating in the crowning of the Dayung Sangon(most beautiful lady) and Dari Ngigap (most handsome lad) which the crown was sponsored and made by us! Here’s the colorful event which you can feast your eyes on..

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