Was Lost But Now Am Found!

I believe every artist, designer and those involved in the creative industry have experienced the feeling of being totally lost at least once at some point in their own respective journey.

It’s an unpleasant feeling.. you question your very existence in what you do. The confidence you once had vanished and in spite of your entire body of work, you struggled to believe you are worth your salt. The sluggish market didn’t help as with demanding and unappreciative clients. You are literally desperately grasping at the fragile ends to hold on to what you think you know and at the same time slipping slowly as the time passes by. At the back of your mind, there’s this naggy incessant chatter to tell you to cut your loss and stop….

How did I get here?

It began as a supposedly short jaunt into the woods to look for new opportunities. As usual, you tell yourself to stay on the main route, a clear path that you know you can easily retrace your steps. Sound simple right? Well that’s before you saw a cute bunny scuttering across your tracks…. it stopped just enough for you to catch up and just as you reached out, it dashed across into the bushes. Against your normal common senses, you continued to follow the flitting image of the cutie pie..

Deeper and deeper you go in the jungle until you lost sight of that illusive bunny. With each step of compromise you lose one ounce of who you are. Extreme fatique sets…energies depleted…Completely disoriented and totally confused, you tried to remember your previous steps but by now everything looks both familiar and unfamiliar!

Thats how I got hopelessly and monumentally lost!

Once I acknowledged that and stopped making excuses, ONLY can the process to find oneself begin. The longer one dithers in accepting failure of making wrong choices of chasing illusive bunnies the longer one wanders in the wilderness! (Bunnies are almost anything or any person that divert your attention from your original intentions and goals!)

Not completely out of the woods but with each step, I’m surer..and nearer where I am found…

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