What a Stressful 2 Weeks it has been…

It has been quite a stressful past 2 weeks…I had about 15 days to come up with a whole 20pc collection to be shown in the finale of a pageant that I was sponsoring the top 5 prizes. 

And being lost (design-wise) really didn’t help the situation. I changed my mind every half hour and drove my workshop boys nuts with the constant change and some of the pieces were literally worked to death with construct then take apart then construct again! I was literally at my wits ends.

Out of of the 15 days, I wasted 5 precious days flipflopping..

Here’s a major design vertigo if ever there was one..the more I tried to move, the worse the design gets.. until I stopped everything and turn to God who has always been my source of inspiration with Whom I could really not do without. My Help came just as I reach the end of the road!

With just one week to spare, we literally sprinted, churning out 2 or 3 pcs of large work within a day. 

I wanted to take a breather and did a mini photoshoot to see how the pieces look from a distance before I returned to do the finishing touches on all the pieces. The picture is one of the pieces in the mad rush!

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