Kuching, Sarawak!

I used to assume since its part of Malaysia, life must be the same as life as I have known in the peninsula..as per my experiences in previous posts, I couldn’t be more wrong. Not only was my assumption that Borneo is like peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak are quite different yet alike. Similarly after my first trip to Kuching, I cannot put a finger to it but Kuching has a whiff of familiarity to Penang, a certain vibe..eventho its very very different!

That’s where I will be again( next week!) when Joe Sidek, Festival Director extraordinaire popped in to ask if I would be interested to participate in the Rainforest Fringe Market to sell my work, I just dove in without hesitation. It will be my first time showing my work there, hence the caption

Will tell you if I am closer in figuring Kuching out….

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