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Jewelry Inspired by Nature and Culture!

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Below are some reasons why customers love Jonathan Yun's creations ...


"Exquisite unique creations"

"You will find unique jewellery made by Jonathan and I am privileged to own a few of his creations. Each piece has a background story, either related to the design or the materials used. This is because each item has close connections with culture or nature. I have different pieces from across Jonathan’s ranges and I always need to take a few moments to admire the craftsmanship and design before wearing. And every time I am sure to get compliments and take great pleasure in explaining the provenance."

Sadaf Lynes, UK

Eden Earrings

"Hidden beauty"

"Mr Jonathan Yun is a gifted and sensitive artist, with a gift for seeing and appreciating things that most people overlook: the often hidden beauty of nature, the value of tradition and their importance is our lives. We feel privileged to have some of his creations. " 

Elena and Bogdan Vostov, in Sydney, Australia.

Coral Pendant

"Best work I've seen"

"Jonathan Yun has been a great friend and jewelry designer through all of this Covid craziness. Finding Jonathan was a rare treat. With my humble ideas he has added so much to each piece making them more than I could ever imagine. His use of colors and willingness to try new techniques makes him stand above the rest. I would highly recommend working with or purchasing any of his beautiful pieces. Jonathan’s customer service compares to no other."

Blythe Reed Texas,


Green Jade Pemdant

"Very happy..."

"Our trips to Penang are never without visiting Jonathan's lovely shops, his will always be the first stop before checking in the hotel! He is an excellent consultant for gem and stone placements and has a gifted eye for colour coordination on jewellery and he never disappoints. We are always, always pleased with his services and have been his loyal customers for a very long time. We absolutely adore Jonathan's craftsmanship and how detailed and intricate he designs jewellery. Always creating unique pieces simply based off Malaysian heritage or nature, he sculpts ethereal beauty into his jewellery, from antique designs of the Nyonya brooch to the delicate wings of his butterfly earrings. The colour coordination of the gems' placements are as though one is wearing the palette of nature and splashes of a rainbow in the jewellery. It is truly a unique and prepossessing form of art he has created."

Hana, Arina and Anisa

About The Artist

Jonathan Yun is a jeweler/artist based in Penang, Malaysia. He graduated from RMIT Australia majoring in fine metals. He has won several international jewelry awards and had participated in various exhibitions. Nature has been one of his passions and he is a certified divemaster as well as a fern collector.

Jonathan works mainly in silver as he finds the soft patina of silver fascinating and alluring. He works from his studio where each piece of jewelry is painstakingly sculpted out in jewelers wax and then casted out in sterling silver. Then the piece is hand finished and polished to reflect its beauty.

His atelier is located in the Heritage enclave of Georgetown, Penang. Jonathan is presently making his presence felt in the fashion industry and won the Next Accessories Designer of the Year 2019 awarded by prof. Jimmy Choo at the Stylo/ Malaysian Fashion Week.

Jonathan Yun

Jonathan Yun

We Are Located At

152, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10200 George Town

Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Jonathan Yun Jewelry is located in a chic downtown area of Georgetown, Penang amidst an assortment of art houses, boutiques, and other places of historical and cultural interest.

This area provides an array of shopping opportunities, from mainstream offerings to unique bargains.

This all interweaves with roadside stalls and independent shops, creating an interesting and eclectic contrast that gives you plenty of choices and good value for money.

Do drop by the shop by if you are in town.

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